is a mobile photobank. Authors upload their photos with the help of the Clashot mobile application and sell their photos.
Users from all over the world make their unique photos available at affordable prices for companies and social initiatives; in essence giving, clients their own personal photographer in any part of the world.
Let Clashot be your personal photographer anywhere in the world:
  • Forget about the standard staged photos everyone uses: just drop us a line about what kind of photos you need, then choose the best and brightest photos that our users take specifically for you.
  • Get all the necessary information and support you need from our manager. We’ll consult with you through every stage of your campaign.
  • Unique photos obtained through unique interactive contact with your audience: launch new products, boost interest in your brands – be original and raise awareness with Clashot. And the process is simple.
How does it work?
  • 1
    Describe the photos you’re looking for. Usually one or two sentences is enough.
  • 2
    Choose the geographical area for delivery.
  • 3
    Specify the target dates you are planning for your campaign. We will describe your company’s requirements in simple and easy terms for users.
  • When the offer starts, every willing user from your selected area will get an immediate, easy-to-understand notification about it on his/her smartphone.
  • We can also add information about your company and links to your brands to our message.
  • Our users can specify that they are eager to receive this type of offer, so your message won’t be SPAM: it will reach tightly targeted and highly motivated photographers! Having received the message, each user will make his/her own decision whether or not to take part in your offer.
Our advantages
  • 1
    Unique photo content at affordable prices: no need to organize personal photo shoots and pay huge fees.
  • 2
    Bright, emotional and original photos on subjects set by you: freeing you from boring and staged stock photos.
  • 3
    Free peer review and assessment of these photographs’ potential: other authors will see and evaluate these works, and you will get a full report on reviews, likes and comments.
  • 4
    No obligations on your part: if the photos generated by this offer don’t correspond to the brief, you’re not obliged to purchase any images.
How offer looks
Ready to start?
Choose the type of license you need for your photos:
Internet: For online publication only
Prices start at $5 per photo
An ideal option for companies large and small. Suitable for posting on social media, online media, blogs, email and as illustrations on company sites.
Sizes up to 2000px
Print: For printed media and online publication
Prices start at 20$ per photo
Recommended for business targets and mass commercial usage. Suitable for printing as well as for internet publications.
size more than 2000px
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Welcome to Clashot!

Here you can sell and buy mobile photos.

Take pictures of events, sport activities and celebrities.

Take a photo – Upload it to Clashot – Earn money! Your photograph will become available for sale in a manner of minutes. It can be sold many times, to different customers and you will get royalties for every purchase.

Who needs mobile photographs?

Remember that no one will be interested in boring or banal photographs, even if they are of a high quality, while vivid and relevant mobile photos are being sold to leading publishers and websites right now!

Download the Clashot application from the App Store – Submit your editorial photographs – Start earning with Clashot!


Still have questions? Read the FAQ section or contact our Support Team!

Buy Clashot photographs through Depositphotos, the fastest-growing microstock agency in the world.

It’s easy – just click on the button under a selected photograph!

Still have questions? Read the FAQ section or contact our Support Team!