Frequently Asked Questions

1General Questions

How does Clashot work? How can I upload my photos?

Clashot is a photobank in your smartphone. Our authors upload their photos with the help of the Clashot mobile app and sell them on one of the largest photobanks in the world – Depositphotos.

To start using the Clashot application on an iPhone/iPod touch/iPad and smartphones with Android OS, you have to register a new user profile.

How can I upload my photos?

To upload your photos, take a picture using your smartphone via our mobile application, or upload a photo from your Photos folder to Clashot using the Wizard menu: click on "Add photo" and upload a picture.

Add a title and taglines to your photo and click “Send.” Every time you upload a photo showing a recognizable person or a group of people, you must also upload a model release, signed by each person pictured in the photo, to allow that photo to be used for commercial purposes.

Your photos will be available for sale as soon as they are approved by our moderators.

Users will find your image using keywords, so be sure to give your photos appropriate and detailed descriptions, and check for grammar and spelling mistakes before posting.

How can I earn money at Clashot?

With the help of the Clashot application, people with iOS and Android smartphones can sell their photos at the Depositphotos professional photobank site. In addition, you can earn money by taking part in special offers from our partners, sponsors and advertisers.

The best photos are available for sale after a minimal verification procedure, with no exams required. Photo authors get royalties of about 44% from each photo sale.

Can I change my username/login at Clashot?

Yes, you can change your username at Clashot, but only once.

To do so, you need to run the Clashot app, select the Profile menu, choose Edit Profile, and change your username in the corresponding field.

What is the verification procedure and why do we need it?

We are trying to keep frauds who claim other authors’ pictures as their own from appearing in Clashot, by verifying the data of all users in order to avoid copyright violations, thereby minimizing the consequences which can be so devastating for buyers as well as the real authors of the photos.

Clashot does not publish any of its users’ personal data, and we save photocopies of you documents at our well-protected server.

What kind of document is suitable for the verification process?

A government-issued ID with your photo, such as a passport or a driver’s license, will be acceptable. Please make a clear copy of your ID such that all data is clearly legible.

Note: Many countries use the Latin alphabet to duplicate the native text in identification documents (e.g., Israel, Lebanon and other Middle Eastern countries, Laos and some other countries). If your home country’s documents do not use the Latin alphabet, you’ll have to provide a document where your personal data is written in Latin letters.

Can I upload photos without verification?

Yes, you can always upload photos without completing the verification process. In this case, photos will be available for you and all Clashot users via the app, but they will be not available for sale at the Depositphotos photobank.

When will my photos be checked?

Unfortunately, we cannot predict the exact time needed for photo verification. Checking your photos generally takes as long as seven days, but sometimes we may need a bit more time, especially if you've uploaded a lot of images. In addition, our moderators occasionally experience peak loads due to authors’ increased interest in the Clashot project. At the moment, we are developing new technology to help evaluate your photos automatically, and this has the potential to significantly reduce the verification time for all pictures uploaded for sale.

How long does identity verification process last? Why does it take so long?

Unfortunately, we can not specify the amount of time needed to verify a user’s profile, but usually this process takes from several hours to three or four days – and not more. If you have being waiting for verification of your profile for five or more days, please contact us at, so that we can solve this problem.

If I have not turned 18 years old yet, can I become a Clashot user?

Yes, you can become a Clashot user, if you are under 18, but your account can not be verified. This means you won't be able to sell your photos on Depositphotos.

2Questions about selling and purchasing photos at Clashot

How can a buyer use my photos?

All files published at the Depositphotos site – – can be used in graphic or industrial designs, and creative or media works, and serve as illustrations for many other commercial and art projects. The photobank's advanced features make customers' searches for the best visuals for web design, printed advertising materials, package design, etc., easier and more comfortable.

After purchasing a file, a buyer can use it according to the approved uses in the Standard or Extended Licenses. The copyrights of the images are retained by the authors – Clashot registered users; a buyer purchases only the right to use a photo; a buyer cannot resell it or transfer it to be used by a third party. You can find more information regarding the licenses used at Clashot in paragraphs 3 and 4 of our License Agreement.

What kind of photographs should I upload to Clashot?

We recommend that you upload high-quality (at least decent-quality) photos, in sharp focus, of interesting subject matter, and with no technical problems (having low definition, no filters used) that can seriously destort image. This can mean portraits, genre photos, travel photos and photos reflecting everyday life activities, etc.

If your photos were taken at some important event (e.g., an incident, a festival, mass demonstration, sports competition, etc.), we recommend you to upload them to Clashot ASAP. The sooner this type of photo becomes available for sale, the greater the chances they will be noticed by publishers.

How can I start selling my photos at Clashot?

First, you have to register an account at Clashot via the iPhone or Android application. Then, take a photo with your smartphone via our mobile app or upload an image from your photos folder via the Wizard menu: click on the "Add photo" button and upload a photo. Add the title of your photo, write a concise, accurate description of each photo, and tap "Send" (for Android) or tap on "tick" pictogram to start uploading your image.

In order to start uploading photos for sale, you have to complete a verification procedure to confirm the personal information specified in your Clashot profile. Simply enter your real first and last name, upload a photocopy of a document confirming your identity (e.g., a passport, national ID card or driver's licence), enter your mobile phone number, country and city.

Clashot moderators quickly review your identification material. After the verification process is successfully completed, you can upload their photos for sale at Depositphotos immediately. You will not need to pass any author exams to upload your works to Clashot, but all of your files will be checked for compliance with Depositphotos' technical and creative requirements (see Photographers' Guide).

What is a model release and why it is needed?

Every time you upload a photo showing a recognizable person or a group of people, you must also upload a model release, signed by each person pictured in the photo, to allow that photo to be used for commercial purposes. A Model Release is a standard document signed by a photographer and a model after each photoshoot.

Clashot authors can use the blank Model Release form from Depositphotos ( You may also need to submit a signed Model Release if there is a recognizable part of a body in the photo: e.g., a hand with an original tattoo or a scar, or other very recognizable details.

Do I need to upload a Model Release for a self-portrait?

A self-portrait requires a Model Release signed by the photographer (as both photographer and model).

What is included in a Model Release?

A Model Release includes the following information:

The model's agreement to transfer all photographic rights to the photographer.
The names and signatures of the photographer, the model and a witness.
The date and location of a photo session.

A Model Release is signed by the photographer, the model and a witness.

Note: If your photo session included a model, the Model Release must be signed by the photographer, the model and a witness; if you are uploading a self-portrait, the photographer signs the release as photographer AND model, and a witness also signs; If more than one model appears in one photo, you must file a separate Model Release for each model in the photo.

If there is a minor in the photo (as determined by the laws of the country claiming that minor as a citizen), a signature of the minor’s parent (or guardian) is also required. We recommend that a second parent sign the release as a witness of the photo session.

This rule applies to all models: whether professional or not. The model release is required even if the minor model is a relative of the photographer.

What should I shoot in order to get my works sold?

Take quality shots, and search for interesting stories. Before you start shooting with the idea of selling photos, consider the commercial value of your shot. While selecting photos for sale, our moderators will assess whether one day your shot could attract the interest of a wide range of buyers.

Photos with an interesting plot, art photography, beautiful still images and other great photos, and photos from noteworthy events have better chances for commercial success.

What are Clashot’s requirements for photographs selected for sale?

Not all photos uploaded by users on Depositphotos' site are offered for sale. Once uploaded, photos are reviewed by moderators to verify that they meet certain criteria; if you want your photos go on sale, please pay attention to some simple and obvious rules.

The main criterion for the photo selection is the prospective commercial value of images. Simply put, our moderators will assess whether your photos are likely to be sold and whether your shots can attract the attention of a wide range of buyers.

We select for sale any picture with an interesting plot, art photography, beautiful still images and other great photos, as well as photos from notable and newsworthy events.

We do not accept for sale the following images:
- Photos taken by other users, even if these photos are portraits of you (for example, if you were a model at a photo shoot), or collages of photos taken by other authors.
- Photographs that are too small: the resolution of which does not exceed 4 MP.
- Screenshots, photos with the author’s watermark or other notations made ​​in any graphic editor, or any other information applied over the shot.
- Pictures with scenes of cruelty, violence against people or animals, or pornography.
- Photos with advertisments, spam, images that could offend other users, and images that could be offensive to national or religious groups.
- Badly oriented/inverted images; photos that are too dark or too overexposed.
- Photos from family albums, family events, picnics, barbecues, fishing, etc.
- Pictures of sunsets, clouds and sky, unless they are really unique or artistic.
- Photos of disgusting food.
- Photos of shadows, pictures with fingers in the frame, or pictures taken through wet glass, unless they are really unique or artistic.
- Out-of-focus, poorly framed or dark images of accidents and disasters.

What photo sizes are accepted for sale at Clashot?

The minimum size of images accepted for sale is a resolution 3.8 megapixels (e.g., 2000x2000px , 1600x2400px, etc.). In other words, we accept images for which the height multiplied by the width (in pixels) is 3,800,000 or more. The cameras in the majority of modern smartphones take photos at this resolution, as do modern professional and amateur digital cameras.

Note: Resolution is not the same as file size. Depending upon the image type and compression scheme, the size of the image file may be smaller than 3.8 megabytes. Your camera or computer will often report an image’s dimensions.

Be careful: even if you use a 4-megapixel camera, the camera’s output may be reduced to a smaller size, depending upon the settings of the camera, the quality of the photo, the manner in which photos were transferred, and the use of photo editors.
You can upload photos taken devices other than your smartphone. However, remember that we accept only pictures with a resolution of more than 3.8 megapixels.

What is a "Clashot offer" and how does it work?

From time to time we suggest our users upload pictures of a certain topic and add a keyword or a set of keywords to the photos’ descriptions. Such offers are sent by the Clashot Team at the request of our partners and advertisers.

The information about new offers can be found in the "Messages" menu of the Clashot app. In addition, we will inform you about each offer specifically addressed to you and other users in your area by an email sent to the address you specified during registration.

Offers are typically valid for a specific period of of time, which is usually a week or more.

Some offers are made for all Clashot users worldwide. Other offers are directed only to those users in a particular place; for these offers, users who physically out of range of the offer cannot participate in it.
Photos can participate in offers even if they were not accepted for sale. To have your photo participate in an offer, you need only to add the offer hashtag mentioned in the offer description to the photo when it is uploaded.

Can I withdraw my photos from sale?

Yes, you can withdraw your photos from sale at Depositphotos, in full or in part. If you are a verified user of Clashot, you’ll have an opportunity to accept or reject the sale of each of your photos. If you haven’t gone through the process of verification, your photos will be available for review in the app, but they will be not offered for sale at Depositphotos.

Can I upload to Clashot a photo that is already on sale at Depositphotos?

If you want to upload to Clashot a photo that is already on sale at Depositphotos, simply marked it as a photo “not for sale,” and it will not be sent to the moderators for review. If you mark this photo as available for sale, our moderators will find duplicate photos and delete it.

3Questions regarding the usage of photographs purchased at Depositphotos

You can find answers to questions regarding the use of images purchased at Depositphotos in the FAQ section at

4Technical issues and navigation

How can I become a Clashot user?

You can create a new account at Clashot from within the application, or at the website In order to sign up via the Clashot application, click on “Register” and enter your data; you can also sign in using your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ login information. To register at the website, click “Register an Account” in the upper right corner of the page, and enter your data (or sign in with Facebook, Twitter or Google+).

How to buy at Clashot?

You cannot buy photos directly at the Clashot site; however, the best shots from Clashot are sold at the Depositphotos photobank. You can easily check whether a photo you liked is for sale at Depositphotos: tap the picture to enter the detailed view menu. If there is a "Download" button under the photo, then the license for this shot can be purchased at Depositphotos. Click "Download" and your browser will automatically redirect you to the picture’s page at the Depositphotos website.

Can I upload photos to Clashot at the website

No, you can only upload photos via the mobile application for iPhone or Android smartphones.

How can I contact the Support team?

Click on “Contact Us” in the lower left corner of the page at and leave your message along with your contact details. You can also give us feedback or contact the Support team via the Settings menu in the Clashot application, or send us email at We will be glad to answer any of your questions.

Can I upload video to Clashot?

No. At the moment it is only possible to upload photos.

Can I create a company profile at Clashot, and not just my personal page?

Yes, you can create an account for your company and let all the employees access it to upload photos and publish them for sale, as well as to withdraw earned money from a single account at PayPal or Skrill. For this purpose, you and your colleagues must all use one account to log in at Clashot.

Is it possible to use tags to separate photos into categories?

Yes, you can tag photos uploaded to Clashot. In our photobank, we use titles of the photos and descriptions as tags and keywords to help the buyers quickly find and purchase images they are searching for. Please add accurate and appropriate titles and descriptions to your uploaded photos.

What photo formats can be uploaded to Clashot?

You can only upload .jpg images to Clashot.

What is the minimum and maximum image size I can upload?

We do not accept files under 4 Mpx. We don’t have any maximum size limits at Clashot. Still, we recommend not uploading images larger than 10 megabytes.

How can I add a photo from the smartphone gallery?

Tap on the Wizard menu in the lower tab of the Clashot application. Then tap on the "Image" pictogram to the left of the circle with "Camera" icon. If you use either iPhone or iPad, you will need to allow Clashot access to your gallery in a pop-up tab. In just a few seconds you will see the folders in your gallery and you will be able to select photo for uploading.

How can I change the email associated with my account?

Please go to your Profile, tap “Edit Profile”. An editing page will open, and you can change your email address there.

How can I delete my photos from Clashot, remove them from sale in the mobile app and from the website?

To delete your photos from Clashot (which will remove them from Depositphotos as well), log into the app and, in the “Reports” tab, open the photo(s) you want to delete, then click the “X” and confirm removal. It’s that simple.

How can I update/edit/change my photos?

To make changes in the name or description of your existing photo, go to "Reports" tab of the app, where you can find and edit the desired image. Then you have to click "Refresh" button in the upper right corner, re-confirm your authorship and save the photo.

How can I recover my password to Clashot?

The password can be restored on the mobile application with the help of the "Forgot Your Password?" button or through the password recovery procedure at the site.

5Financial and legal questions

How much does the author receive from each photo sale?

Your photos are sold at the Depositphotos photobank site or its partner sites. Depending on the platform through which the sale was made, you can get different royalties from each sale of your image, but on average, this amounts to $0.44 from each sale. Depositphotos sells only the right to use an image (the author retains the ownership), so the same picture can be purchased an unlimited number of times. Your works will be sold at Depositphotos under a Standard License, or an Extended License (which can bring up to $50 for one sale). You can also earn money participating in special offers from our partners, sponsors and advertisers, where your income from the photo sale can be much higher. Participation in the special offers can earn you $3 or more per photo

How can I withdraw money earned at Clashot?

Whenever your balance at Clashot exceeds $50, you can easily withdraw funds via one of our partners – either PayPal or Skrill. Go to your profile in the application, click on “Payment,” choose one of the payment systems (you need to be registered in either Paypal or Skrill – please register before attempting to withdraw funds), enter your account login, choose the amount to withdraw and send the request. The request will be processed in no more than seven (7) days; however, in most cases it takes less time.

As soon as your request is approved, the requested amount will be available at your Paypal or Skrill account – we do not charge any commission for withdrawal of funds.

Using your account in Paypal or Skrill, you will be able to make online payments at millions of online shops. If you would like to transfer money from these systems to your payment card account, you can request a payment from PayPal or Skrill, or get cash at any cash machine.

Please take into account that PayPal and Skrill charge a commission when you transfer money to your card. You can find the rates at these payment systems' websites.

I want to sell my image at a higher-than-standard price. Can I do it?

At the moment, this is not possible: all Clashot photos are sold at standard Clashot and Depositphotos prices. The price of your photo can be higher if it is mentioned in context of one of the Clashot special offers, notifications that you receive as Messages in the Clashot app or email sent to the address you registered with Clashot.

How can I find out if my photos are available for sale?

You’ll receive a notification via Messages in the Clashot app or to the email address you registered with Clashot.

How can I find out if my photos are sold?

Every time one of your photos is sold, you’ll receive a notification via Messages in the mobile application, or as a Push message (if you’ve activated this function in the app or smartphone settings) and to the email address you registered with Clashot.

Your account balance is available in the Profile tab; that’s where you can find detailed statistics about your transactions.

Can I upload my photos from Instagram, Facebook and other social networks to Clashot?

Yes, you can upload images previously published in social networks; however, be sure you own the copyright for these photos. Remember to save these photos in your smartphone’s Photo folder first; then upload them to Clashot. Don't forget to add Model Releases for all recognizeable people in your photos.

Please do not upload screenshots to Clashot; we will delete all of them.

How soon after downloading my photographs will be bought?

We cannot guarantee that our customers will be interested in your photos: a photo’s sales depends on its quality and subject matter. The most common reason that your photos do not sell well has to do with the subject matter. Don't expect that buyers will be interested in standard pictures from your family albums, bad quality photos of pets, buildings, flowers and other simple things: demand for that kind of photo is very low, so chances of selling them are close to zero.

If your photos are not selling well, try to analyze your subject matter and photo quality, or consult other users of our app. Improve your photography techniques and your photos will become more attractive to buyers.

It's also very important to give accurate names to your photos. Check to avoid grammar and spelling errors.

6Other problems and solutions

Can I register several accounts on Clashot?

Unfortunately, you can not register several accounts on Clashot.

Can other users see my private information?

The Clashot team respects the privacy of each user, and take steps to keep information private. We do not sell, share or disclose your personal information (including your email address) to any third party. Other users can see only the username that you specified during registration.

Can I share pictures with a reference to Clashot in social networks?

Currently there is no such feature at Clashot.

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