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Clashot is a photobank in your pocket. With its help, you can earn money by selling photos at Depositphotos. Download the mobile app Clashot for iOS or Android, absolutely for free, and get a new supplemental source of income!

Publish photo reports

Do you like to shoot art portraits, nature, cityscapes, interesting situations, or food at restaurants? Have you seen or participated in a significant event, and would like to share your impressions? Get your smartphone, take some pictures, open the Clashot mobile app and upload your shots.

After a quick moderation process, your photos will be available for millions of buyers of Depositphotos – one of the largest photobanks in the world.

  Install the free app   Capture everything you think important, interesting or attractive.   Publish your shots.   Earn by selling photos at Depositphotos and participation in special offers   Earn money!

Earn by selling photos

Once your photos are available for sale, they will be available to Depositphotos customers for many years, and you will continue to receive residual income – regardless of how long ago your photos were uploaded.

Our moderators select the best photos, which are automatically made available for sale to our Depositphotos customers. You’ll receive special notification every time one of your photos is made available for sale.

To maximize the chances your photos will be selected for sale, you’ll want to follow a few simple – and obvious – guidelines. The most important is to consider an image’s commercial potential: our moderators want to know that Clashot clients will find your photos interesting.

Read more about the criteria moderators use when selecting photos on our “Frequently Asked Questions” section, under: What are Clashot’s requirements for photographs selected for sale?

Take an active part in a photo society!

The Clashot application has a simple and user-friendly interface, allowing you to view, comment on, and “like” photo reports and individual photos, add users as “friends,” invite your friends from Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to join Clashot, and keep track of their new works.

The most interesting and important photo reports appear on the app’s “Popular” tab, where they attract maximum attention from buyers and Clashot users around the world.

Clashot Offers

Shortly after you complete the Clashot installation and registration process, you may receive offers to upload pictures which have a particular theme or common subject. Clashot sends out these offers on its own, or on behalf of partners and advertisers, to collect images for specific reasons.

Offers can be profitable for Clashot users, because the best photos are redeemed at a special price, which can be up to 50 times higher Depositphotos prices!

You will learn about new offers through regular notifications in the Clashot app, as well as through our emails.

For advertisers

We invite you to use Clashot offers to get bright and live photos at affordable prices. Just write us an e-mail and describe what kind of photos you’re looking for. You’ll get lots of photos from Clashot authors on the given topic and from the selected area in just a few days.

We will help you make an interesting offer for users and attract the right audience for a successful campaign. Just email us at

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Welcome to Clashot!

Here you can sell and buy mobile photos.

Take pictures of events, sport activities and celebrities.

Take a photo – Upload it to Clashot – Earn money! Your photograph will become available for sale in a manner of minutes. It can be sold many times, to different customers and you will get royalties for every purchase.

Who needs mobile photographs?

Remember that no one will be interested in boring or banal photographs, even if they are of a high quality, while vivid and relevant mobile photos are being sold to leading publishers and websites right now!

Download the Clashot application from the App Store – Submit your editorial photographs – Start earning with Clashot!


Still have questions? Read the FAQ section or contact our Support Team!

Buy Clashot photographs through Depositphotos, the fastest-growing microstock agency in the world.

It’s easy – just click on the button under a selected photograph!

Still have questions? Read the FAQ section or contact our Support Team!